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Purchase? No Way!!

[Post New]by bratzgram on Jun 24, 11 3:53 PM
Before I left for work this morning I played the demo for this and left a review letting everyone know that I did really enjoy this game. When I came home from work I read more of the reviews and realized that I should check the length before buying. Glad I did! I played more than 3/4 of the game in that hour. I am deleting it say I leave this.
Bad BF!!!! Bad Devs!!!


Re:Purchase? No Way!!

[Post New]by azteach3821 on Jun 24, 11 9:27 PM
Loved the demo, so I bit. Booooo! Fun game, but it should last longer than 1.5 hours. Hey, Big Fish- how about a special mini price for these mini games? Like $1.99, or something?


Re:Purchase? No Way!!

[Post New]by Cera28 on Jun 27, 11 4:51 AM
I should have read the reviews before purchasing this game. Huge waste of money. Suprising you would allow a game to be put out that was that "short" BF. Big disapointment. Questioning further purchases now.

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