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DD Purchase Only For Me - At Least It's Not A CE!

[Post New]by kklohr on Jun 24, 11 8:14 PM
After reading all of the comments of the other posters about the length of the game, and of how there's too much hand-holding, or the puzzles aren't as challenging, etc..., I'm going to wait to get this when it becomes a DD, and only then! I loved the 1st game: very clever puzzles, and challenges. Enjoyed the 2nd game, but not quite as much. But this one sounds as if it's way too short, and that the devs were just wrapping things up, having shot their wad (so to speak) creatively on the first 2 games. So I'll wait for it to be released as a DD, just to complete the story.

At least they didn't make this into a CE! I don't know how the story actually ends, but looking at the walkthrough, it doesn't appear to me to even tie into the other two, except for the fact that it's the same guy. I like how one reviewer described the series - Chapter 1 is like Indiana Jones and Chapter 2 is like James Bond. So what does that make Chapter 3, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman (errr... Man!) If they did add an extra chapter to this would the devs have to call it Chapter 3b? Maybe they could have "Dr. Quinn" fall off a cliff or something and perhaps wake up in the deep end of a pool, underwater or something. Then he could muse in his nonchalant way about his predicament, saying things like "Why do my eyes hurt, it must be the chlorine", "I must find air", "How did I end up here?". And when he opens his mouth and swallows some water, he could say very calmly, "Hmm... that didn't work!" Then spend the next 30 to 45 minutes of gametime figuring out what the heck to do next, until it finally dawns on him to go up. And when he finally reaches the air, the game ends!

Final comment (whited out in case there's a spoiler)

I'm guessing that our hero is involved in some sort of Quantum Leap type story.

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Re:DD Purchase Only For Me - At Least It's Not A CE!

[Post New]by gingergal on Jun 24, 11 8:43 PM
Just a thought - maybe you could do a spoiler over part of your 2nd paragraph where you talk a bit about the ending. As not everyone reads the walkthrough, and may not have guessed that.

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Re:DD Purchase Only For Me - At Least It's Not A CE!

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jun 25, 11 9:58 AM
Hey kklohr!

Thanks so much for posting your thoughts about the game! Your comments would be a great addition to the Comments for the Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation (you can click on this link) thread and to keep things tidy in the Game Forum, I'll be locking this thread so that all comments can remain in one area.

You're also welcome to post your thoughts in the Reviews for The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation thread, but just be sure to put a *SPOILER ALERT* in front of any part that might be revealing the storyline. Thanks!


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