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Fab Fun?

[Post New]by MintyCuppcake on Dec 29, 08 2:29 PM
In my personal opinion, this game stinks. One again, I downloaded the trial for a fashion game under the misguided notion that for once I might be able to create my own unique and original outfits. Instead, it's just another time management game, and not a very good one at that. It drives me crazy that with all the different upgrades, you can't actually make Kate walk any faster.

Jojo's Fashion Show was fun, when are they going to have Jojo's Fashion Show 2 here on BF? I got sick of waiting and dled it from Shockwave. I'd love to see more games like that or fashion games where I actually design my own outfits!

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Re:Fab Fun?

[Post New]by SkippyTrini on Jun 30, 09 9:46 AM
If they did that the games would be longer and cost more. If you played the trail verison you would see that it is repeative that is most of the fashion games. Fashion Designer you can create your own outfit but that a disk game! I think it is gfun even if I get stuck on some levels!

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