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Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by NULL on Jun 27, 11 10:54 AM
Has anyone passed the puzzle level where you have 8 moves to clear out, there are only red and green ones on the screen? I have been battling this for quite some time and sure would appreciate some input.


Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by imtoolate on Jul 20, 11 12:46 PM
if you are anything like me you will be amazed at how simple the solution really was. i won't lie - it took me a while to figure it out too. On the left hand side, second row in, third row down (I'm guessing at placement, I wasn't smart enough to write it down ) Switch the red and green sideways to the left. it will leave you with two rows where you can switch to make four in a row in each row. Just repeat this all away across the board. Voila!!


Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by 13skull on Dec 22, 11 6:13 PM
You are spot on with with position from left. 2 across 3 down thanks man

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Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by mew_maledict on Feb 18, 12 6:50 AM
Can someone help me with a bonus puzzle? I just can't solve this one (and none of my friends can):

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....and I also can't find it on youtube; there's a quite similar one but it's not exactly the same and can't be solved the same way.......

thank you !!

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Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by steve99x on Aug 8, 12 11:58 AM
I'm having the same issue... this seems unusually impossible! Level 5, chest 6, bonus puzzle 3...
What are we missing? Is it an unsolvable glitch?


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Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Aug 21, 12 11:58 PM

Personally, I FAILED at those mini-puzzles ALL THE TIME and NEVER completed one of them; I just clicked the "skip" button and moved on and have finished the entire game.



Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by steve99x on Aug 29, 12 8:06 AM
I'm trying to collect all the awards... and solving all the mini-puzzles is one of them... this particular one seems to be unsolvable!!!

Anyone have a solution? It's the iPhone version, and this puzzle is slightly different that the ones revealed on You Tube...



Re:Frustrating puzzle level

[Post New]by MSUSpartan4Life on Oct 9, 12 5:16 AM
If this is the same one for the Android, try this for Level 5 Bonus Level 3
I finally got this one. This is from the Android version of the game:
The (x,y) coordinates assume the (0,0) is at the lower left hand side.

1. Move White(6,2) to the right
2. Move Red(5,4) down
3. Move Orange (2,2) up
4. Move Red (3,2) down
5. Move Orange (6,4) down
6. Move Red(5,2) down

I have screen shots if you need them to help you out. Just email me: pastorbryank at yahoo dot com

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