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A few tips (not spoilers)

[Post New]by ecblisa on Jun 28, 11 10:55 AM
For people not used to turning boards, especially:

Turning the board makes it easier to clear certain spaces. Tiles always fall from the top and move down, so if you turn the board, different tiles will mix in a different way. It's like a shuffle.

The hero/heroine can enter the trunk with the key or the unlocked door only from above. But you can choose which is "above" by turning the board. So if your poor heroine just ended up next to or below the door, just turn the board. This can help you a lot.

The game may not seem to give you credit for great large matches, but it does fill the bonus bar faster if you get them. Notice that some bonuses use very little energy (the hammer) and others a lot. You can use the hammer several times on one full bonus bar. (If the bonus bar is full, you may as well use it on some nasty corner you need to clear, and let it fill again.)

And here is my best high-blood pressure-preventing tip: When your hero is one space away from the door and no obvious move is in sight, just smash that last token with the hammer. It's SOOO much easier than messing around for a long time trying to get better matches near the door.

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Re:A few tips (not spoilers)

[Post New]by autumn_leaf on Jun 28, 11 5:25 PM
Thank you so much!!!

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How or when will you get power-ups

[Post New]by Dianeteacher on Jun 29, 11 11:21 AM
I am on Level 19 and still no power-ups to be had. Any info appreciated.


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Re:A few tips (not spoilers)

[Post New]by anpd on Jun 29, 11 11:48 AM
Next time you enter the map click on the Shop icon, there you can buy different power-ups.


Re:A few tips (not spoilers)

[Post New]by FreedomPortal on Jul 4, 11 12:11 AM
I love power-ups! I use the hammer very often.

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