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Achieving General

[Post New]by lindaa1 on Jun 28, 11 1:45 PM
I wa;s just wondering what levels other people had beat general on.

I've only managed to achieve it on
Iceberg 4 and 6 and Island 9

It's not for the want of trying though, I've played them all dozens of times.

The target times for general seem impossible and it's very frustrating!

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Re:Achieving General

[Post New]by marcoblbr on Jun 28, 11 11:57 PM
I'm done with this game! I was able to get all the stars in Colonel Mode. It was not hard at all...

But in General Difficulty, the levels are a lot harder (lava 7 is almost impossible) and I didn't try to get the stars, I only wanted to finish all the levels, and I did them all, but got lucky to beat the master's time in a few levels.

Got all the trophies but 2. Here's the pic:

[removed by moderator]

So here are the levels I was able to get the stars in General:

Forest: 1, 3
Desert: none
Iceberg: 4, 5, 6, 9
Island: 1
Lava: none

There's no strategy involved in getting stars in General Mode. It's just a crazy click and rush game! So, I'm not gonna try to get the rest. Even so, this game is awesome and I hope they make LandGrabbers 2.

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Re:Achieving General

[Post New]by Kelhotmamabelle on Jun 29, 11 8:36 AM
I am doing the same thing you did, just trying to complete the general levels. I am stuck on a few but currently lava 7. Any words of advice on that one?

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Re:Achieving General

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jun 29, 11 11:30 AM
Hey Kelhotmamabelle,

There are a couple of tips in this thread that you might want to peruse:

Lava 7 Help

Hope this helps!



Re:Achieving General

[Post New]by cele_1 on Sep 29, 11 3:51 PM
I have completed all of General Levels except Lavas 8 and 9. The best advice I can give you on any of the General Levels is to use your overflow wisely! Upgrade your original buildings to 20 or 30, on almost all of the levels. After you begin attacking your enemies, use everything you have, especially your overflow, to attack each building in turn. If you send 70 troops to one house, do not upgrade it, use those extra troops, along with some fresh ones, to attack the next building. With your last wave, double-click on the building you just overtook so you can have that overflow to work with. Keep in mind, castles generate troops twice as fast as all other buildings, so you want to capture as many castles as possible, especially if your enemy holds it!

On some levels, it is more beneficial to work with top and bottom portion separately. For example, send all of your troops at the top of the screen to one location near the top, at the same time you're sending your bottom troops to a location towards the bottom.

Still, it all comes down to how you use the overflow in each building you attack. If you just leave those troops there, they will quickly disappear. You need all the troops you can get, so USE THAT OVERFLOW!!!

Hope this helps someone.

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