Last mask for brown key

[Post New]by see4you on Jun 28, 11 2:53 PM
lol 2 days looking for it....My hair is getting thin looking for it . Thnks ALL

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Re:Last mask for brown key

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 29, 11 2:40 AM
Hi see4you,

Welcome to the pond!

If you are referring to the central mask of anger (wrath), it is found when you trick one of the villains out of his lair.

Return to the docks and to the door with water pouring over it. When you change the water's course using one of your inventory items on the pipe you can go through the door. This will lead you to a blocked section.

Light the torch. Use the boat hook on the weakened chain link.

Go through to next section and look through the door. Examine the bottom of the door and use the rope to spring a trap.

After the animation you can find the last mask on the floor.

Hope this helps!


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