[Post New]by Needletime2 on Jun 28, 11 10:49 PM
Love this game, loved it, loved good as the first, maybe better.
I dont usually buy CE's, not interested in wall paper, etc. but knowing how I enjoyed the first, did by this one.
Loved: Good story, (although expected to go back to England with him), explaination for how to do puzzles, can skip puzzles, some ****'s really easy, some really difficult, great interraction with inventory pieces, love shooting guys for hints, not too much back and forth, very much like "conclusions" cause they explain what is happening.
Funny comment on boards about getting insurance policy for all these grandfathers!
Finished except did not find enough clovers (too busy enjoying) so I have to go back and play it again to get to the Bonus. Not a bad thing!
Time for the next one..........soon I hope.

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[Post New]by gpsart on Jun 29, 11 10:09 PM
yes this game real legacy fell i like this game.....

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