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Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 30, 11 1:33 AM
Hey Fishies!

What do you think of Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition?
We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments and opinions in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

For discussions other than your general feedback on this game you can create a new discussion in the game forum and if you are experiencing technical issues, be sure to swim over to the support thread here.

Happy gaming!


Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by shadowfax44 on Jun 30, 11 2:35 AM
Hi CasualGran,
I have only played a bit but it looks like a lot of fun, not hard by any means but fun. It totally reminded me of Drawn too only a brighter setting and thus a brighter game.
Thanks for the review!! I will be curious if you do buy the CE...

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by gingergal on Jun 30, 11 2:53 AM
I don't know if the same people who made drawn made this? But it is very 'drawnesque' from the story (girl draws pictures that become real) to the look of it. But so far it lacks the interesting puzzles that the original drawn had.

I like the graphics, and the cutscenes are very well done. I had a slight problem with the story (who would leave a very young girl at the edge of a cliff, when she was safe before you did something).

I am playing on advanced mode where apparently there is supposed to be no sparkles but there are a few.

Story: Girls' 7 birthday, which is supposed to be a magical year, draws photos, and one night a dark force takes her. You and the uncle can follow her through the picture and so the adventure begins. It is straightforward to me, what to do next and the puzzles aren't hard.

strategy guide: not giving me how long this game is, so I won't be buying this as a CE unless I know the bonus play is really long.

hidden object scenes: I played 3, and repeated 1 scene. junk pile

collect origami during game to open bonus.

I will buy this (in SE), as I did love drawn, although this so far isn't living up to the lovely puzzles of drawn, it's enjoyable, still a bit different from the run of the mill.

warning: this is a very dark story - witch or demon at the beginning. Although the graphics etc aren't dark or eerie.

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Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Jun 30, 11 3:21 AM
LOL I was frustrated because the demo ended just as I was in the middle of solving something so it will be a definite buy for me because I was having fun .

In the Options Menu you can change the Custom Cursor and the Aspect Ratio so those two things alone will make a lot of you very happy, as for me the custom cursor worked beautifully .

The graphics are good and I love the interactive bits in the hidden object scenes although I did find a couple of the objects hard to find and they were right under my nose LOL. The hint button recharged quite quickly .

There is also something completely different to do in the Extras and I will be definitely having a go at it but I am going to let you find out for yourselves what that is .

If you liked Drawn I think you will enjoy this game.


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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by TeamSD on Jun 30, 11 3:27 AM
Another great HOG with Dark/Fantasy story, this game come from the dev Lesta Studio which i never heard of, seems like they develop only strategy games.... The story is interesting and great, graphics and animations are fantastic! There're not many HOG scenes in this game and the game is not too hard but also not easy! Puzzles are pretty simple. I think there're too many cut scenes, although they're all extremely beautiful but too many....also no voice over! Never mind, this is another amazing HOG, bought it already!


Graphics: A*
Story: A*
Music: A
Puzzles: B
HOG Scenes: A
Overall: A

My grades can be as high as A* or as low as F!

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Jun 30, 11 4:22 AM
Probably in the minority here. I played 25 minutes and for me it's too heavy on the story and too light on the action.
Having said that, it's a nice looking game. The HOGs were interesting having to use other objects. A bit irritating having to collect origami but there don't seem to be many as I got 25% of them in only 25 minutes. Maybe it's not a very long game?
Annoyed that I found a screwdriver and screws but not allowed to collect them as "you don't need them at this time". Means I have to trek all the way back there eventually.
Not a buy for me as a CE. Will consider when it's an SE.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Meritre on Jun 30, 11 4:51 AM
Seems like a totally fun game with a good story, and interesting interactions. Would consider to buy, but probably not as a CE.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Jun 30, 11 5:44 AM
Enchanted game!!! Forget the creepy beginning - proceed to the "light"! Charming and amusing!

According the Strategy Guide, there are 8 chapters; spoiler: (8 pictures to put in place).
The extra bonus game has 4 chapters. Seems to be quite a long game.

Bought it and enjoy every second!!!

Thanks developers (excellent applications), thanks BF!

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Kelvarda on Jun 30, 11 6:51 AM
Developer: LESTA Games. Options: Sliders for Music, Effects and Environmental Effects (Background noises); Also tick boxes for Custom Cursor, Aspect Ratio and Full Screen. Text to read. It would have been absolutely brilliant had the developer made use of Voice-overs. I really think it would have added to this game a lot. I’m using Win 7 HP 64 bit. No glitches or Technical Faults, and my screen was ‘Full Screen’. I also played in 'Expert' Mode. Sparkles at H0 scenes only. Only room for 7 letters of your name!

Artwork: Clear and beautifully done. At times, shades of Dali surrealism, at others reminiscent of the fantasy artwork of Rodney Matthews. And I loved it.

Story: Father, 4 yr old daughter and Uncle travelling in car, rock slide caused by a malevolent being called an Extractor! Car ends up on edge of cliff, and the Father dies! (Extracted perhaps) and now, four years later ‘they’ want Emily! Mother and Uncle go ‘into the picture’ to get her back.

Do not ever leave a 'Man' just standing there! They will always find some dumb way to get into a 'fix' and expect a woman to get them out of it! The couple of mini-games I played were quite easy, and I had no problem working out what to do. I just loved the extra inter-activity of the H0 scenes, and also finding and collecting the ‘Origami’ figures

I absolutely want this game. It drew me in from the start, and I exited from the demo with 10 minutes ‘left on the clock’, not because the demo finished and my time was up, but because I didn’t want to carry on playing and then be unceremoniously dumped out of the game in a place where I would be unable to resist buying it today.

I will buy this CE version, but tomorrow, to start a new punch card for the month of July. (Countdown: 17 and a half hours to go!!)

And thank you Rebeca_Lily for sharing the length of the game (for those of us yet to buy). I am extremely jealous that you could 'buy' it today, but I would have to get another three games to complete a card!

* * SPOILER * *

@ layzeedaisy - I also found the Screwdriver and screws - but used them in the little scene I found them in!


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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by satexasgirl on Jun 30, 11 7:52 AM
I really enjoyed playing this game and am in the process of installing the full game after purchasing. I had about to minutes left ( I think) in my hour when I completed the sample. I can see why several people have commented about seeing a similarity to Drawn, but I don't know that I would have thought about it had it not been mentioned.

The artwork and graphics are lovely. The puzzles don't seem too complicated and I've probably missed some of the origami birds. I did not have any tech issues what so ever while playing or downloading. I mention the latter as I've noticed a lot of comments in recent weeks about different fishies having slow downloads. I use Chrome of my default browser and a cable hi-speed wireless router for internet access so that could be why. My OS is Windows 7 HP 64bit and as always I play on my laptop.

Have Fun Y'all

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Mimisix on Jun 30, 11 8:38 AM
Read all the comments; played demo; bought game since 3 more punches filled up a 4th card for me for the month. I'm really enjoying it and like having to collect other objects as it makes me slow down and see the entire scene. I'm playing in expert mode and so far finding it fairly easy. We'll see...............

So hard to please everyone with these games. Personally for the most part I don't like voice overs as I read faster than they speak and I'm too impatient to wait for them to finish speaking. I hadn't even noticed the music which I often turn off but am finding it just soothing in the background.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Jun 30, 11 8:46 AM
This is a fantastic game! Graphic is superb, storyline awesome, gameplay also great. And the extras are origamis - I love origami! A definete buy for me


Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by nanamama4321 on Jun 30, 11 9:04 AM
This game is definitly not for me. Can't handle some things.
Enough said. Not buying

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by AvgSpock on Jun 30, 11 9:56 AM
This game has some similarities to the Drawn series but, it still was delightfully different to me, too. Also, it was more of a struggle for me playing Drawn so, I enjoyed this one immensely more.

The imagination conveyed in the graphics was amazing and a treat for the eyes. A few of the scene transitions I found absolutely breathtaking to look at.

I don’t usually care much if a game has voices in it but, this one I really believe needed it. It was more like watching a movie at times so, it felt like something was missing at those times.

The H0 scenes were like nothing I have ever experienced before. I absolutely loved them. They were definitely more entertaining than the usual list. Some interactions were needed for some items in every H0 scene. There were some little surprises along the way, too. To the best of my recollection this was fairly consistent throughout the game. A couple of scenes however, appeared to be lacking the color differentiation in the lists.

The puzzles are varied and most are not too hard.

The action elements required some thinking but, there were a couple of really nonsensical ones that had me shaking my head. I won’t say what they are except to say that if you play the game, you’ll know them when you see them.

The origami rack up quickly while playing early on but, the pace of collecting them slows considerably as the game progresses.

The game play required more than a lot of backtracking. There was a very useful map which identified active areas and enlarged them when clicking on them. This made it easy to find my way around but, sadly it wasn’t clickable as a transportation device.

I really enjoyed playing this game. I think it did an absolutely wonderful job of being a dark and spooky game that also made me smile several times while playing. I think that’s a tough mix to accomplish but, in my opinion, they did it very well.

As for the Bonus Game, I think it was actually a little harder for me to play. It tacked on another 1 ½ hrs of play time for me. It felt like an additional whole game while I was playing it.

I really would have loved to have a few of the breathtaking scenes as wallpapers but, alas none of those scenes were options in the wallpaper section. That's my only criticism of the extra features.

I have absolutely no regrets for buying the CE.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by sunloving on Jun 30, 11 11:01 AM
I had deja vu after playing the demo. Was this a beta test game quite awhile ago? I don't remember the opening scene, but absolutely remember Uncle Peter coming for Emily's birthday, having her taken away, having Uncle and Mom follow into the picture, having Uncle fall below the floor, etc. Did it have another title? I did become engrossed in the game, even though I really dislike having children put at risk - too much of that in the real world - and they are defenseless. I may not buy just because I don't want to encourage that particular kind of story line. Developers, do what you want with adults - just not children.

Other than that, the **** scenes were fairly easy, with some interactive parts which is always a bonus. Puzzles were very easy so far and figuring out how to proceed in play was also fairly easy. Graphics are clear, but not photographic-like, which I don't care for. I appreciate the artistic talent.

I liked that the Strategy Guide opened to the point of the game I was at, so I didn't have to scroll from page 1 everytime.


Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Jun 30, 11 12:07 PM
Game starts out dark and eerie and seems to turn into a nursery rhyme ala Drawn. Standard junk piles but enjoyable interactive searches. A few actions are really out there, but all in all the game is playable. My biggest problem with games such as this is not sparkles, but having to collect items such as origami, shamrocks, stars, or any number of myriad items. I'll probably buy this tomorrow to start a new card.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Mum22 on Jun 30, 11 12:56 PM
Kelvarda wrote:

I absolutely want this game. It drew me in from the start, and I exited from the demo with 10 minutes ‘left on the clock’, not because the demo finished and my time was up, but because I didn’t want to carry on playing and then be unceremoniously dumped out of the game in a place where I would be unable to resist buying it today.

I will buy this CE version, but tomorrow, to start a new punch card for the month of July. (Countdown: 17 and a half hours to go!!)


Thanks for the wonderful review. I love that idea....about stopping at a point where you can....I'm off to try this game and possibly add it to my ongoing want list in my game manager


Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by SIRSLIMMYEEL on Jun 30, 11 12:59 PM
GRRR!! Why do the good games come out just before I can't buy them. I'm no dummy, I won't waste 3 punches on a card that is all ready filled. I too was shut down right in the middle of a puzzle.oh rats anyhow!!!


Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by heatherington on Jun 30, 11 1:38 PM
The last orgami was so hilarious! Not going to tell you. The length was good, about two hours maybe more if you don't read the strategy guide. Stuff was not too hard to do. I actually did not find ALL the orgami's, but certainly got the last one. I liked it. It was different and had some beautiful flowers and I want a piece of that cake!

There is no bonus content, but they do show you have to make some orgami stuff.

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Re:Review for Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition

[Post New]by admiral1133 on Jun 30, 11 1:57 PM
I really enjoyed this game. I, too, have played Drawn, but found this game alot more fun. There were HOG scenes, but not every second. Problem solving is more fun than just clicking HOG's. I really enjoyed the sub games within the HOG scenes. Found this very interesting. I like to go back in the games I play, I like revisiting the areas I have been to before and finding new things. Some of the puzzles were very challenging and I used the guide a couple of times, as I get so bored with just clicking numers that never end. There is always a puzzle solver to these and I either look at guide or just skip. I do not appreciate huge puzzles with just figuring out the number sequence. This game was sharp and clear and the HOGS were not hard. I never did find all the origame things but may play it again for the bonus game. I usually like the bonus games as much as the original. I would like to see more games like this on B/F HEY GUYS AND GALS, can you hear me now?

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