[Post New]by Pooknip2 on Jun 30, 11 8:55 PM
I have done all the rest in gold I cant even get close any tips?

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[Post New]by unclepaul on Sep 14, 11 12:18 AM
I managed to get gold on level 30 at 6 59 so 39 seconds to spare.

1. Build up timber along top left and right til you have 5 and upgrade the cottage. Two workers can do a lot more with less waiting for one to finish a job.

2. Work the workers down both sides and as they pick up the water at the well also try and pick up the appearing timber near the bear at the top right.

3 Upgrade well 1 star ASAP and then aim to get to the apiary .
You need to collect 4 honey to be able to chase the bear away and access the mill.
4. Upgrade mill (priority one, the well and the apiary )
You only need a total of 16 honey to clear the paths of teh three bears and the wasps and another 10 for the shaman then let the apiary crash.

5. Once mill upgraded to 3 stars and delivering 10 timber a go , repair dairy and upgrade as priority.
You need 4 milk for the Tiger and 15 for the shaman and then let it crash.

6. Repair the cotton farm and upgrade to 3 stars as soon as possible.
The shaman needs 25 cotton and the ship 15 after which you can ignore the farm

7 the Shaman also requires 35 water after which you can ignore the well and concentrate totally on building the ship and increasing the wood.

8 Building the ship requires 60 wood and 15 cotton.

A video of the process is at

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