No rope for the underground door!

[Post New]by VENICELOVER on Jul 1, 11 6:15 PM
This is my second time around trying to get through this game. As with other players I am experiencing the slowwww changes between scenes & curser glitches. The first time around the game stalled on me at the telescope. No matter what I did it would not give me the code. I uninstalled, reinstalled & started the game over with a new player name. I am playing is expert mode and was doing fine until I got to the underground cavern with the well. You are to look at the bottom of the door & a rope should be there to put across & trip the masked man. I did so, and no rope! The only thing in my inventory at this time is the Red Skull as I have done everything else. I need the rope so I can progress & get the mask to open the door where the masked man took the girl. There are definite problems with this game & I'm not sure if I'll buy anothe collectors edition!

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