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the wall

[Post New]by bluedage on Jul 2, 11 5:38 PM
How do you get the wall to fall? It says to use the bone on the hanging stone until it falls- nothing happens except it says that won't work. So how do you get the stupid wall to fall. I had to start under a new name to get the stupid eyes to go away. Please tell me I don;t have to start over to get the stupid wall to fall. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:the wall

[Post New]by bonnie112345 on Jul 2, 11 10:24 PM
Use your rope on the hook and attach it to the rock. then use the bone for leverage. You have to push the boulder a few times, but you wll get there. I am stuck on the next puzzle, get there and let me know if you can "shed some light" on my dilema!

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