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pardons for alan

[Post New]by NULL on Jul 4, 11 2:30 PM
i have all 7 pieces for alans pardon the little guy who sits on the dock by the ship..but the game is only registering 6..i went back and went through the walk through and then went back to all the spots and they ALL say area clear with no pardon pieces..what to do cant get the captain until i get this pardon fixed..thanks

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Re:pardons for alan

[Post New]by judithd on Aug 4, 11 8:10 PM
Did you get an answer? I have the same problem and the pardon pieces are not noted in the walkthrough. Edit... got the answers from several other posts. Thanks.

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Re:pardons for alan

[Post New]by cabega on Jan 22, 13 1:11 PM
It's the same problem for me now.

Everything ist done,
When I look to the walktrough, I can't do anything more.
But in the left corner it only shows 6/7 Pieces.

How can I get what I need to get on board of the ship?


I've found the last piece that i've forgotten at the belltower.

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Re:pardons for alan

[Post New]by armadillogirl on May 23, 13 4:51 PM
At the bottom of the walkthrough it has a list of where to look for all Pardon Pieces. For Alan-A-Dale, there are seven. 2 in Church Bell Tower, 3 in Path to Docks, and 2 at The Docks.

I could only find ONE of the two Pardon Pieces in the Church Bell Tower. The puzzling thing is that it says 'All Clear'.

I just found the 7th piece in the Bell Tower. My problem was that I was at the Bell Tower Hatch and didn't look above the hatch.

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