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How do I get pixel and vertex shader 1.1?

[Post New]by moesart on Jul 8, 11 6:51 AM
Apparently it's in a direct 3D device?

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Re:How do I get pixel and vertex shader 1.1?

[Post New]by Word_Dudely on Jul 8, 11 9:29 AM
pixel/vertex shaders are parts of video cards (gpus). If you're getting an error about not having the required pixel or vertex shader, your video card is probably below spec. The direct 3d device bit is most likely a DirectX error (microsoft's video rendering software). You can try installing the latest version of DirectX from MS by doing a google/bing search for "directx web installer" and following the microsoft link, and try updating your videocard driver (info on that here But if you are using a computer from around 6+ years ago with an onboard video card, you might not be able to play the game.

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