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board rotation

[Post New]by dlk_shades on Jul 8, 11 12:09 PM
LOVE IT !!!! LOVE IT!!!! It is great to be able to do this. When you have an empty space because of the chained, locked or rock blocks, you are able to rotate the board and because free blocks drop into the empty spaces to give you some possible matches. It is also neat that the block designs also rotate so that they are always in the right view - no sidewise designs

I have almost finished the game. I really noticed that it helped when you had the chain blocks. This for me was the hardest especially when you had to get those keys to the chests. Deciding if a long chain - to get a bonus - or a short chain to get the key in the right place. The rotation really helped here.

I admit the the game were simple in regard to most M3 games, but this really set it apart. Now I am spoiled and wish that there were other game I this feature is available.

I always work in the untimed mode since I really want to enjoy the game not just race thru it - I get enough of that at work - don't need it with a game.

I have Windows 7 and the game works fine for me.

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