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waste of money--credit--whatever

[Post New]by sealilly on Jul 8, 11 3:30 PM
foollish waste

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Re:waste of money--credit--whatever

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jul 20, 11 10:58 AM
Hey sealilly,

Just wanted to swim by to let you know that most of our Game Forums have a Reviews thread located at the top. We encourage all players to post any thoughts they might have about the game after having finished the Trial or the whole game there, whether it be a positive or negative review. You can find this game's Reviews thread here.

I would recommend commenting on what about the game you disliked. Was it a particular character? The game play? The graphics? Were there any aspects of it that you did enjoy?

Sharing these thoughts really help those who haven't tried the game to get an insight of it before trying it out. Hope this helps!


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