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Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jul 9, 11 12:30 AM
Hey Fishies!

What do you think of Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock?
We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments and opinions in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

For discussions other than your general feedback on this game you can create a new discussion in the game forum and if you are experiencing technical issues, be sure to swim over to the support thread here.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by TimeKilla on Jul 9, 11 1:00 AM
Oh, this is disappointing. I really liked the first Vampire Saga game (pandora's box) and have been looking forward to the sequel. It shows up and I can barely force myself to play for 20 minutes.

A little hand-holding is OK but this is just plain silly! It's not even subtle little sparkles, it's headache inducing flashes of light for every. little. thing. You can't enjoy the art in a new scene because it's just flash, flash, flash all over the place like a roomful of smiling Osmonds! Zoom into a close up and there are flashes there. Wanna know what to do next? Wait, you already do because the darned thing is flashing.

Devs, seriously? If I'm holding the lever that goes into the slot that I am currently looking at, I don't need a flash of light to tell me where it goes. Really, I can manage.

Then, in an H0 scene, I realized that the description of the objects turn green if you're close to them! In the one place that doesn't have flashes, they're still helping! "The bell is over here, warmer...warmer." Which is truly missing the point. They aren't called "Hidden objects found for you" games.

It's really too bad because this game could be great. Terrific art, a big world to explore, creepy story, a few decent inventory puzzles and a neat twist on in-game collectibles - rubies that you find when your camera starts blinking, you figure out where to take the picture and they're revealed. But, of course, there's great big bloody hand-prints right where you're supposed to point the camera.

This isn't just hand-holding, it's grabbing your hand and moving it for you. A bit insulting, when all is said and done. If they want to issue a special director's edition with all the dang flashing turned off, I'll buy it. In the meantime, I'm going to take two aspirin and put my aching head to bed. Welcome to Hell indeed.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Jul 9, 11 1:05 AM
Oh God!!! A Gem at last among all the recent trash!!!

I like it - not for haters of creepy stories, really scary.

New option - you can hover on the objects, and watch the list; when you hover on a listed object, the name in the list turns to blue.

Another new option: you can "jump" from screen to screen, by clicking on it's photo (instead of moving by the arrows).

Clear graphics, Helpful hint system, Viewable HOG screens.

Thanks developers, thanks BF!!!

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by shadowfax44 on Jul 9, 11 1:14 AM
Oh... no... I am groaning in pain over your game review. This sounds horrid but I will give it a try, my optimism has been completely dashed though...

I did crack up about the Osmonds comment though... very funny!

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jul 9, 11 1:20 AM
Good Morning Fishies !

I have played 53 mins of this latest game from [removed by moderator] & I am loving it, although it is far from their best.

The basics, well the options are for music, background, sound off, custom curser & windowed mode. I altered nothing & was happy with what I saw & heard (very little noise, blends in very well to the mood of the game)

The graphics & objects were crisp, clear and easy to see (more about that later)

Although there is no difficulty option, this game is certainly easy in comparison to some. There are plenty of sparkles to show you where to go etc, huge arrows giving you direction choices and as Timekilla said, a "hot warm cold" indication system in the object scenes. However, I like sparkles and I didn't take any notice of the warnings once I worked out what they meant.

Also to aid navigation is the photo album where you can jump from scene to scene. (Good for those with worn out sneekers LOL). There seems to be a lot of locations & inventory items in this game so look every where & leave no stone unturned.

I came across one minigame, a painting by numbers which was good if easy.

I am loving this game because I can play it with out endless hints, with out feeling dumb & get to feel extremely cleaver when I work things out for my self.

Having been spoiled with Phantasmat, Dying for Daylight & Tiny bang I have gone off HOGS recently but this one is snaring me right back in.


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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by ember89 on Jul 9, 11 1:22 AM
it's just flash, flash, flash all over the place like a roomful of smiling Osmonds!

thank you, timekilla

that one gets me as much as the comment [when taking the doll head off the front door of the house]: It smells trouble!

this game is a wonderful treat if you're a lover of pulp classics... the grainy shots, the stormy skies, the utter destruction that follows abandonment... they got most of it right...

while i could do without the sparklies screaming 'look at me! look at me!' i have to say that i am enjoying the bizarre thrill ride of this wandering amnesiac who can't remember his own name but somehow knows he needs holy water if he's gonna get ahead in this god forsaken place! sheesh!

the controls are completely straightforward, nothing funny here... no difficulty level is specified, but an optional tutorial is offered... the music/sounds are scene appropriate and add to the effects of the game... and, yes, there is a TON of hand-holding, but there is also a LOT of ground to cover!

something that i happened to notice was the white candles that would suddenly light up in a scene - telling you that the area is clear without really announcing it to the world [unlike all the other bits that it evidently thinks are so much more important ]

and collecting the pictures as a way to travel and collect jewels is a novel way to add an 'interactive map' without actually building one

so i'm going out on a limb and i'm getting this one... don't know how it will pan out in the long run, but i'll be back with more news as it happens

welcome to hell... lock

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by elldee2728 on Jul 9, 11 2:05 AM
(Disclaimer--my review comes after about 25 minutes with the demo--should I have put this in the comments thread instead? Is this thread only for those who've finished? I'm confused! )

What a neato "under-the-radar" surprise to start the weekend! Vampire Saga--Pandora's Box was a very good one--hope this one measures up.

The intro is pretty nifty--sort of like comic-book frames rather than a cartoonish, animated beginning. The Options menu is sufficient (3 SFX sliders, cursor choice, screen choice) but lacks something very important to a lot of gamers--DIFFICULTY choices! I'd have thought that the big-time developer/publisher would've gotten that message by now! In other words, like them or not, Sparklies are abundant! I appreciate (and sometimes rely on) sparkler sparklies, but I'd rather not have skyrocket sparklies!

The journal is useful, and the Polaroid camera that shows up for photo ops (bloody handprints to collect rubies) is a fun idea. Then the photos become a sort of map without being an actual map. The hidden-object scenes are clear, colorful, and crisp, but as I scroll near an item on the list, I really don't need that item's name to turn green, telling me I'm getting "warmer, warmer, warmer." The hint system is the re-upping kind, and pretty quick; navigation is via either directional arrows or the photos. So far, the tasks involving inventory items have been easy (find some gas to start a generator, find something to cut a chain, find some lever to crank electricity after you've started said generator).

Something I didn't notice, which Ember astutely pointed out, is the candles which light when you're done with a scene--that's a nice touch, instead of some caption saying "All done here"!

I didn't give a second thought to using a Punchcard Coupon Code for this!

(ETA: Timekilla, what a great comparison--seven sets of glistening, pearly whites, and the sparklies in this game! WooHoo! )

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Jul 9, 11 2:08 AM
At first fishies cry: "hand holding, hand holding!" as if someone offends their intelligence...

Then, if they are stuck, they yell: "I am going around, where is the walkthrough?"

There is some contradiction in this thesis... - do you use the walkthrough? Then, you need the hand holding.

I need the hand holding, and I need the sparkles, and I need the walkthrough! If I forgot where I saw an interaction, I want the sparkles to show me where it was.

I am blond...

I think the game gives you all the tools to enjoy the game, pat yourself on the shoulder when you are "smart" and "remember" where to go - just play and enjoy...

Thank you, developers!

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by LovetoMissLisa on Jul 9, 11 2:31 AM
Well, of course it's always hard to follow a great game with the sequel. I loved the first one and I like this one. Although a little over board with the hand holding and sparkles. I like sparkles some, but not through each step by step play of the game. But with this said...I like this game. The graphics and animations are very good. I do have to adjust my screen for wide screen and I would prefer not to have to. I love vampire storys, and this one looks good. The first one is hard to beat, so I'll try not to compare so much. I try to take each game on it's own merits. I think this will be a buy for most people even tho it's simple in game play and leads you thru to much.

I am happy to add this to my library. And I think this is a good game and must have for sure. Give it a try at least. You won't be disapointed for trying it. I have to give it my best rating for graphics and story and over all quality. But with this said, I do agree with everyone, to many sparkles and a bit to much hand holding and leading you through the game. But it's still a great game.

I rate this game: "FINE SWINE" (with sparkles) lol lol

Great game with the best graphics and story. Bells and whistles, best, greatest, I love it.
‘ ‘

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by thistle809 on Jul 9, 11 2:42 AM
I have finished the demo; and it is interesting, but I might wait to purchase until there is a walkthrough available because I like to get a sense of how long the game will take to actually finish. The only indication so far is the rubies you find in various places. There are places for 15 of them in the heart at the bottom of the screen; and I think I had found 5 or 6 when my hour was up. I am guessing that perhaps the developers might have been responding to remarks that the original Vampire Saga was a bit difficult for some people when they added little "assists", like the name of objects changing color as the cursor gets close. If that is the case, they should have included the option of different difficulty levels. The graphics are very good, the music is just what this storyline needs, and the plot is good. The developers did include some rather nifty "perks"; such as a "photo album" where pictures of the locations you have been to are kept. You can click on any photo, then click on the link to go directly there. (Saves a lot of wandering around and back-tracking.) The pictures also let you know where you have something to do by showing a gear in the lower right corner of any location where you still have work to be done. There are some concerns for anyone seriously disturbed by spiders or light flashes. I would give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. 1/2

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by tabsy on Jul 9, 11 3:04 AM
I agree with thistle, the 'travel by photo' is a nice touch. I'm enjoying the game play and will buy it. The graphics are good and the **** scenes are clear enough. Another goodie from [removed by moderator].

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Kelvarda on Jul 9, 11 3:18 AM
Devs: [removed by moderator]/Go Games. Options: Music, Background Audio, Sound Effects. Windowed Mode, Custom Cursor. Overclick Penalty: Swirly Cursor. Music is Eerie and full of suspense.

No Voices, and click to continue 'boxes' for readable story

Does any-one else think some of the games lately seem to be 'taking a step backwards'! No difficulty options and 'Sparkles, Sparkles everywhere, And never a need to think!'

BIG Light Flashes and you MUST click on CLOSE to close the box, I've got used to clicking anywhere outside the box to close them!! You cannot miss the GIANT directional Arrows. And why the need for 'Warm, Warmer, Hot!' of the Hidden Objects scenes, although for those that find H0 scenes a 'bloody nuisance' this will get them over quicker!

You have a Journal, and instead of a Map, you take a Photo and can use this to travel where you want to go. (Saves on Footwear I suppose). Where you 'see' the bloody handprints - take a closer look after you've taken the photo!!

I will (and not for the first time this week) have to think long and hard before I use a Game Credit or Punch Card Coupon on this game.

Maybe those of you who ARE Light Sensitive could post to that effect in this Review thread, as this is the thread used to give developers feed-back!! You may get a re-build as they did with Princess Isabella II


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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by Paristan on Jul 9, 11 3:47 AM
I Beta'd this one and was really looking forward to the release because I really can't stand hidden object scenes where I have no idea where something is. I always use the hints. So at last the clever idea of changing the colour of the word as I get closer - hurray!!!!
I was particularly reminded of how great this is this afternoon when I was playing some old hidden object game and the hint button took forever to recharge and everything was impossible to find and .... Am I going on a bit here!!!
So I really appreciate being able to actually FIND stuff in the Hidden Object scenes rather than having to use the hint button so much.
I tend to play games because I like the story line. I don't mind a bit of looking for stuff. But not just gratuitous Hidden Object scenes to kill time.
So I really enjoyed this game. The scenes were creepy but funny at the same time. I got a good laugh out of it. I recommend it. 4 out of 5 stars from me

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by rara3462 on Jul 9, 11 3:51 AM
I am actually quite enjoying the game and only have a few grumbles.
Not exactly a sparkle but an explosion. Could be toned down a bit. The one thing that is bothering me at the minute is the pointer seems to be on a slight time delay, but I can cope.
I agree about the close up box usually you can click outside the box to close it, but not this time, (sorry can't remebember who mentioned it)

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by vicalana on Jul 9, 11 4:07 AM
Maybe if enough people post 'Reviews' mentioning their dislike of the Light Flashes, you might get a re-build as people did with Princess Isabella II

I hope so because all the flashing is giving me a headache and I've only played for a few minutes. Looks like a great game too!! But no buy for me.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by TeamSD on Jul 9, 11 4:17 AM
Another great game, I haven't play the first one so I don't know which is better! I really like the game name, sounds interesting! Graphics are super great, objects are clear, minigames are great and the gameplay overall is super good! I don't like the sparkles and light flashes, hope the there will be an update soon...another buy for me, one of the best SV HOG this year!


Graphics: A
Story: A
Music: A
Puzzle: A
HOG Scenes: A
Gameplay: B
Overall: A

My grades can be as high as A* or as low as F!

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by nomatt on Jul 9, 11 4:26 AM
Shame but this game has sparkled itself into the delete bin.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by crazy8club on Jul 9, 11 5:04 AM
[removed by moderator]

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by kalliopeia on Jul 9, 11 5:23 AM
There are sparkles, and there are sparkles. And then there are giant flashbulbs popping in your face every 3 seconds. This is the latter. I hate sparkles and excessive handholding in general, and this game takes it to the extreme. You can't even look around and see what is what without those huge flashes distracting you. It's not even a case of "hey, look over here, there's something to do here!" It starts there, and then when you look, the precise thing that needs to be fixed is flashing, and the way to fix it is flashing. In the very beginning there is a set of three levers, with one missing. Once you zoom in, the spot with the missing lever is flashing AND the grate that the other lever is behind is flashing. At the same time. And then when you get the other lever, the empty spot where it goes keeps flashing, as if you couldn't figure even that much out on your own. Then the spot with the hidden object scene was so lit up it looked like it was on fire.

That was bad enough, but the changing color of the item names in the hidden object scenes is just too much. These things aren't even hard to find, it's not like it's a bunch of tiny items that blend into the scenery.

I like having walkthroughs available. It's good to have something to consult to give me a little nudge back on the right path when I am well and truly stuck in a game. That is an entirely different thing than having no choice about being led around by the nose for every tiny little thing. I get that some people like having that help (though I don't understand it as then, especially with this one, it becomes less of a hidden object game than a how well do you follow directions game), but it's a pity that the developers couldn't at the least give those of us who want a challenge the option to turn this stuff off.

No way I'm buying this, or using a game credit on it.

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Re:Review for Vampire Saga - Welcome To Hell Lock

[Post New]by shagwendy on Jul 9, 11 5:26 AM
I will not buy a game this easy. Too many sparkles and hand holding, and I can't even try to find the hidden objects on my own. I'm an adult, treat me like one.

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