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Game Update

[Post New]by bjcs319 on Jul 10, 11 10:00 AM
Back in June I was told by Customer Service that they were working on an update to solve some of the game problems. Mine was the game not saving my progress. I was told there would be a prompt on my Game Manager telling me an update was available. I have not seen an update. What is the progress?


Re:Game Update

[Post New]by jabase on Jul 10, 11 2:45 PM
FYI..You can play the game by running the .exe file under the game's file folder. DO NOT open the game manager. The game file is AgencyofAnomalies_mystic.exe ..You can do a file search, or just look for it under the game's file sub-folder, in the program files folder...
I was having the same problem, but was able to use the game as intended by running the game a such...when you find the file, you can right-click on it and "send to" Desktop(as shortcut)..then you can just double-click the file from the desktop when you want to play...


Re:Game Update

[Post New]by MortishaAddams on Jul 29, 12 5:24 PM
I'm having the same issue. I'm glad I only got a short way into the game before I exited. I will try running it from the game's executable.

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