Money Trophy

[Post New]by Tr99One on Dec 31, 08 5:06 AM
Earn $10,000

If you managed to complete this trophy round - I'd love to hear the strategies used.

Thanks -

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Re:Money Trophy

[Post New]by Nightowl52 on Jan 3, 09 11:35 AM
I planted crops that pay off the highest: watermelons, strawberries, tulips. The strawberries take a little longer to ripen so maybe 2 x 12 of the watermelons.

Also chickens produce faster than the others, even if the do pay less.

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Re:Money Trophy

[Post New]by 17players_ on Feb 10, 11 12:44 PM
I plant only strawberries and can easily hire help and sprinklers. I also plant approx. 15 patches and blooming is not a problem...hope this helps

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