Game locks up way too much!!!

[Post New]by Parudice on Jul 11, 11 7:17 PM
Really like this game but having to shut down the computer every time it freezes is starting to become a personal problem. Bought it before I realized that it had this quirky little flaw and for awhile I thought there might be something wrong with my computer. Is anyone else having this problem and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? If I have to go through the whole game intro one more time, my monitor may end up in the yard. Little help please.


Re:Game locks up way too much!!!

[Post New]by ymavon on Jul 12, 11 9:52 AM
I have the same problem.

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Re:Game locks up way too much!!!

[Post New]by Liasmani on Jul 12, 11 9:54 AM
Contact CS through the green envelope to the right or live chat (game club members only.)

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Re:Game locks up way too much!!!

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jul 12, 11 11:10 AM
Hey Parudice and ymavon,

As Liasmani has suggested, the best thing to do is to get in touch with Tech Support. Please include a Dr. Felix report so that our reps can help you with this particular issue.

*You can click on the bold words for more information.

As there is a tech issues thread at the top of the Game Forum, I'm going to go ahead and lock this, but please feel free to post further technical issues or questions here. Thank you!


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