cake mania original game

[Post New]by swarty on Dec 31, 08 10:00 AM
I have downloaded this game a few times,and it will not save progress have to start game over every time,which makes it useless. Has anyone else had this problem.I have sent for help but have not heard anything yet.first time I sent for help was told to uninstall and reinstall,which I did,but it did not help.Just sent 2nd message before holidays but no answer.thanks for any help .

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Re:cake mania original game

[Post New]by AnnBy on Dec 31, 08 10:35 AM
At the end of a month you have the option to continue, or save and continue. Save and continue should bring you to a screen to choose which slot you want to save it in. After you do that you would start the next month then menu, main menu to get out.

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