[Post New]by victurn on Jul 12, 11 8:12 PM
i am loving this game, like that it has more to do than just find missing objects in a room.. any suggestions for a similar game or even another game by the people who did this one will be greatly appreciated

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[Post New]by DeeBeth on Jul 12, 11 8:45 PM
The same company did Awakening the Dreamless Castle and the sequel called Awakening Moonfell Wood. Both of those have very few hidden object scenes and plenty of puzzles. I understand that they are currently working on another dana knightstone but it hasn't been released yet.

You can try Empress of the Deep and see if you like that. There's two of them.



[Post New]by victurn on Jul 14, 11 2:35 PM
thanks, will suss them out soon ;-)

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