Loyal Customer..........

[Post New]by WAMMY10 on Jul 16, 11 12:10 AM
My Name is Tamara Ammons please look up my account i want 13.98 back in my account i just wrote to you about how i wanted not to be charged i canceled both months you keep charging my debit account no more it looks like it finally deleted my debit card but i did that in june and july please credit me back i was a loyal customer......this is a real bad feeling not to be able to cancel when you want too and also your not the only place that does this if you buy or join a site you can't cancel and you keep getting charged..please stop this have a place were a person can go make it real easy to delete when i went to delete it would not so i still got charged please help Me................my # 310 634 6611

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Re:Loyal Customer..........

[Post New]by moonlightgrey on Jul 16, 11 1:02 AM
You are not sending this to customer service. You are sending it to a group of users like yourself.

If you go back to you letter, there is a red X at the top. Please use the red X to eliminate you letter.

You have just sent your phone number to every one on the internet in the entire world. NO. I am not kidding.

If you need to write to customer service, use the green envelope to the right of the forum letters.

Big Fish is excellent at handling problems. Best wishes.

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