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The yacht's helm

[Post New]by Hortense on Jul 16, 11 4:23 AM
I've gotten as far as the yacht's helm where I'm supposed to . put the GPS chip into the side of the screen. I've worked at it for 30 minutes and cannot get the screen to accept the chip. I have a picture (from walkthrough)of where it is supposed to go, but no spot in the vicinity will accept the chip. Great game until now, I'm stuck. Help!


Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by erindiane on Jul 16, 11 11:57 PM
I made the mistake of using the butter knife right after I found it and went to the helm, now that I have the transformers to insert, ONE screw has been put back! No more knife and no more "straight-edged items" to be found anywhere. Hoping for an answer from flounder on Monday as no mention of using it too soon in Strategy Guide I would NEVER have bought. Anyone else jump the gun or have a solution???


Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by erindiane on Jul 18, 11 1:33 AM

Use the GPS SCREEN, not the chip here!

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Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by annibelle1 on Jul 20, 11 12:12 PM
I am in the yacht's living quarters? LOL,Anyway, I cannot get anything to connect to other things. I got the bird put together but can't connect paper clip to the only visible fishing pole. I have had it! LOL. I also don't understand the area where the artifacts are pulled up on a screen like a tic tac toe board. What do you need to do there? No directions explained that. This section is for the whole game just not the yacht. The rest is in the general area of the boat, the cat, etc. help if you can.

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Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Jul 20, 11 2:29 PM
Hi annibelle1!

If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to check out the walkthrough, which is full of tips, tricks, and helpful screenshots to guide you through this game.

(you can click on the above link to be taken directly to the walkthrough)

Helpful tip: Once you're at the walkthrough, use your computer’s search function (CTRL + F) and type "paperclip" or another relevant word to jump straight to the section of the game that you’re currently at.

I hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Jul 23, 11 6:17 PM
You need to use the butter knife to remove all the screws in order to remove the face plate.

The chip as I recall goes in the GPS unit.

Erindiane, you may have a glitch. If you have been unable to remove the final screw, post it in the forum near the top dedicated to technical problems. You can also look through all those posts to see if anyone else has had that problem, and if they have, you may find out how they resolved it.

I would also contact tech support. Click on the question mark at the top right of the screen. In the lower right box, are instructions for running the Dr. Felix diagnostic report that will be sent to your desktop. Next look at the far left column and look for the link that asks if you need more help. Open that link and fill out the form. Attach the Dr. Felix report to the document and then submit to customer support/tech support.

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Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by katia223 on Aug 4, 11 9:53 PM
I too used the butter knife too soon and have the same problem as erindiane. Is there a solution...other than starting all over again?


Re:Climbing pegs

[Post New]by tara106 on Nov 10, 11 2:50 AM
so I completed the **** scene an collected the climbing pegs . it says I still need to get a fishing reel which according to the walkabout is on the back pack .. I already clicked it but have not been given the climbing pegs to use?? now it is not on the backpack anymore and no where else?? how do I get to the roof? is this a glitch that I have to start over at the beginning?

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Sea Anemone
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Re:The yacht's helm

[Post New]by Quozl on Dec 11, 11 1:17 AM
Hi Hortense,

I was getting stuck there as well. I just solved the GPS chip - you don't put it on the outline shown, you put it in the middle of the GPS screen! Then it shows an X where you end up going.

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