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Hints VS SG

[Post New]by bribling on Jul 17, 11 2:20 PM
So far I have found the Hints much more helpful than the Strategy Guide. This should be good news to those who wait for the SE. My only real complaint here is that there is a long wait (1 min.?) for the Hint to refill. If, for example, you want to know where the berries are you must first ask another question which then opens up more questions including where the berrie (or whatever) are. So, that means a two min. (or whatever) wait to find out where the berries are, etc. That is tiresome. It is too bad the SG is not more helpful. I looked in the SG to find out where the pliers were but had no luck. I had to use the Hint and wait two min. The pliers suddenly appear in the SG inventory but I could not determine from the SG where they came from.

BTW, I now "know" where the pliers supposedly came from but still can't find them.

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Re:Hints VS SG

[Post New]by fraziely on Jul 18, 11 8:34 PM
I totally agree with you, in terms of the hint timer. BTW, great work-around using hints as opposed to the very limited SG.

Also, I love this game. However, I will NOT buy the next one from this developer if the Hint and Skip timers are as long as they are in this game. Too much of a joy-kill for me. Much of my appreciation and enjoyment in gaming hinges on the pace. Certain puzzles I know from the very beginning that I'm not gonna waste time trying to figure them out. With most games, the Skip timer loads quickly. But, with this game-it's ridiculously slow. I feel as if I'm being penalized! Not enjoyable at all.

As good as this game is, I'll know to investigate a bit further next time, and if it's the same story-no buy for me

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