[Post New]by mcduff1944 on Jul 18, 11 8:59 AM
How do you get a fourth upgrade { and how do you get a gardener to get the fourth upgrade{?

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[Post New]by bfgHondo on Jul 18, 11 10:43 AM
Hi mcduff1944,

Welcome to the pond!

It looks like there are a bunch of tips over in the 'Upgrade to level 4' thread. (you can click on the blue words to be taken there directly)

Also, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use the Advanced Forum Search option under Search All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.

Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in a keyword like "upgrade" and then all of the posts in that forum containing the word "upgrade" will appear!

Hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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