Where is the Cleaner in the projection Room

[Post New]by kstater2007 on Jul 19, 11 1:39 AM
I have restarted this game three times and still have not figured out where the cleaner comes from to clean the blood off the rewinder. HELP ME!!!

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Re:Where is the Cleaner in the projection Room

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Jul 19, 11 2:17 AM
Hi there kstater2007,
Welcome to the games forums.
Without sounding mean or otherwise, why did you feel that you needed to restart the game to continue on?
I appreciate your persistence, but usually the problem you have encountered is not a problem with the game, but the fact that you have "missed" something. You just need to be more confident and be prepared to backtrack and check everything with a lot of these games.
The games forum or the Walkthrough when avaliable are good facilities to ask for (or find) help. And I am happy to see that you have eventually ventured in here to ask for assistance,
Anyway, to answer your question, the cleaner is in the fridge in the first room you encountered inside the house.
There is now a WT for this game if you have other problems. It is in a "stickied" post above this one - though of course there is no problem with you continuing to ask for assistance in the forums - there are a number of us who would be only to happy to assist (if we can!!).
If you type CTRL/F a "Find" box will appear in the bottom LHS of your screen and you can type a key word inside it to "go to" the First. Next etc mention of the word.
I hope this helps you to continue on with this game.

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