Perfect on stage 1-4?

[Post New]by Nabrrojarh on Jul 19, 11 10:01 PM
I've gone through the whole game getting Supreme or Perfect on every level. Now I'm going back to get Perfect on every level.

I'm so stuck on 1-4!!! I've tried different combos to get it but one time I got $99,990.

Any tips on getting the extra $10??



Re:Perfect on stage 1-4?

[Post New]by Nabrrojarh on Jul 19, 11 11:18 PM
Don't worry I figured it out!! Getting the new plane lowers the Perfect Score required.

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Re:Perfect on stage 1-4?

[Post New]by desertdusk on Mar 31, 13 8:12 PM
Well, I certainly had no luck buying and using the $85,000 big plane. Although it dropped the perfect score total needed, the game also stopped sending other big planes that make more $$$ and my total score was $10,000 less than the new lower perfect score.

I finally figured it out by buying two improved gates only, one VIP holding space, and the paint machine!!! I painted the first little green plane pink to multiply the pink scores and later in the game when tons of blue planes were coming in all at once, I painted one of the big blue planes pink to use the empty pink gate. Bingo. Hope that helps someone else.

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