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Inside of the temple

[Post New]by grandmab3248 on Jul 20, 11 8:19 PM
I put the idol in the niche, the "thing" rolled out, then I was supposed to pick up the camera and something else (?). But surprise, no camera or other thing. What now? According to the walkthrough, there is supposed to be a camer and ? when the thing rolls out.

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Re:Inside of the temple

[Post New]by pecabo1338 on Jul 21, 11 3:35 PM

They are in the niche on the wall to the left. It's supposed to be a camera and a diamond.

If you can't get the diamond you won't be able to get the emerald later on. I got lucky on this one, since I've been have nothing but problems with this sort of game.

Backtrack and see if the game will let you do anything else.

You need the emerald for 2 more puzzles.

Lots of others are having this sort of problem and from what I'm reading after something is done or even sort of done, the game won't let you go back to check or finish.


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