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Can't finish the game ......... I'm ANGRY

[Post New]by judy76073 on Jul 21, 11 9:48 AM
I have been really enjoying this game - other than the "ultra super-slow" HINT recharge - HOWEVER, Now I am really mad - I am almost finished the game - only 1 chapter left - and I can't play it !!!!!!!!!!

As others have noted, now it keeps going back to 'game manager' and asks if I want to play again !!!!!!

Totally frustrated !! This is the first time this has happened - hope a fix can be done soon

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Re:Can't finish the game ......... I'm ANGRY

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jul 21, 11 10:54 AM
Hey judy76073,

I'm sorry to hear that the game isn't working properly for you. We are aware of this particular issue and ask that if you haven't already, to please get in touch with Tech Support with a Dr. Felix report so that we can collect more information about the particular systems that are being affected.

As there is a tech issues thread at the top of the Game Forum, I'll be locking this thread, but please feel free to post any further tech questions/issues here. Thanks!


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