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Please post location of test tubes in morgue

[Post New]by mary69lyn on Jul 21, 11 11:36 AM
It seems an impossibility to find all 20 test tubes within the very short time allowance given. These tubes are very well hidden and the time to find them is too short. It would be helpful to know the locations---can't believe that wasn't part of BF walkthrough.

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Re:Please post location of test tubes in morgue

[Post New]by pcpat923 on Mar 8, 12 12:51 PM
This was posted almost a year ago and no responses! WOW! I have located all but one and when I click on the hint button, there is indication of something to the far right of my screen that I cannot click on it! Checked on BFG Walkthrough, nothing and have not found any information out there in cyber space--at least not in Englsih--but I have tried! LOL! Will look around BFG Forums a bit more and then post a new Message. Thanks!

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