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Finished! Vampire Saga--He[[ Lock

[Post New]by elldee2728 on Jul 22, 11 7:17 AM
I didn't notice a "Finished" thread, so bear with me for starting one! I really can't say enough about this game. I experienced nary a tech issue throughout. IMHO, this is one of THE best SEs to come down the BFG pike in quite some time! I know that some gamers are averse to taking "hokey" photographs along the way--well, the photos in THIS game are interactive and constitute a MAP with clues!

So, OK--you wanna know "how long"? I do "smell the roses" as I progress--about two hours each morning for the last four mornings--a "hint" here and there (none that I recall in the hidden-object scenes, but a "where-to-go-next" nudge occasionally); no W/T. So, about eight hours for a "deliberate" gamer (me!). I'm keepin' this one to do again!

Regards, elldee

(eta) Guess I could've typed "Hell Lock" instead of "He[[ Lock," eh?

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Re:Finished! Vampire Saga--He[[ Lock

[Post New]by Avalon2 on Jul 24, 11 3:33 AM
Just finished too. That was awesome! What a game. Took me many more days than elldee because I'm slow. Experienced NO tech issues (Win7,64bit,8G RAM). If you are wondering whether to download, do it, you won't be disappointed in quality or game length. No creepy-crawlies jumping out of the screen, only one slithering snake that I can remember and it moved f a s t.

More of this quality and length please.

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Re:Finished! Vampire Saga--He[[ Lock

[Post New]by tj1147 on Sep 12, 11 11:01 AM
I bought the game when it came out but experienced a very slow, jerky cursor and slow-to-add inventory items/slow to use items - so slow I couldn't play the game. I notified BFG support without much success using the Dr. Felix. Then, a few days ago, I notified them again as I had not heard back from the Dr. F report. Right away, customer support checked into it again for me and sent a link to do an upgrade of a driver ("it is a bit outdated") Downloaded that and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Just now finished the game and really like it! I love the lit candles and the "photograph map"! It is a keeper!

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