Stuck on marble section

[Post New]by lindalchristoph on Jul 22, 11 2:16 PM
I got to the marble section where you place the green and red marble and cannot navigate the marbles to complete. I checked the walkthrough and it says to # the areas 1-5 then there is a sequence of #'s to click on. So I am assuming 5x3 is click on 5 and then 3? Also there are 2 that have 7's in them and there is nothing numbered 7 -- 5x7 and 1x7. I have tried figuring center is 5 so that would make 1 #6 and 2#7 so I tried clicking 5 once and clicking on 2 twice - nothing works and I have been working on this 2 days. Can someone help? Thank yoU!!

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