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Not That Bad !!

[Post New]by ELadyG1013 on Jul 22, 11 3:49 PM
I must apologize for my hasty judgement about this game,although the subway at the beginning of the game was very confusing to me, once I fought my way through, it really was'nt that bad. I had 42 minutes left after I quit the first time! I went back in there and aced it ! Graphics are pretty good, it's not as horrible as I thought.

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Re:Not That Bad !!

[Post New]by dvdiva on Jul 22, 11 9:26 PM
I agree, it's actually quite decent.

I already played this game once before on the iPad, and it was super frustrating but I persevered because I wanted to know how the story ended, and because I liked the Paris scenery.

Now that it was released on BFG, I decided to give it another try -- I dunno why, maybe because I'm a masochist!

But I was surprised that it was much better than the first version -- longer, with more puzzles, and the story is told better. There's also less subway travelling in this new version - when you enter the Metro, you're often taken straight to the destination instead of frustratingly getting lost in the subway, and if you do have to do some navigating on your own, there are helpful hints from the characters.

Even the cemetery scene is new - it used to be just a single crypt, but now the cemetery is bigger and wider. And I forgot how, uh, yummy-looking the vampire is.

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