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Game won't finish downloading

[Post New]by DebbieAnnie on Jul 23, 11 7:35 AM
I have tried to D/L this game for the 3rd time and it get's stuck in the 'saving file' part of the D/L...

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Re:Game won't finish downloading

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Jul 23, 11 8:56 AM
Hey DebbieAnnie,

We have an excellent help article that outlines possible reasons a game might be having trouble being installed:

Problems Downloading or Installation Failed

If going through these steps don't improve the downloading process, I'd recommend getting in touch with Tech Support (you can click on this link) so that our reps can work with you personally.

Since there's a tech issues thread, I'll be locking this up to keep things organized, but feel free to post any other questions or issues here. Thank you!


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