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Placing the gears in the maze, Please someone answer?

[Post New]by annibelle1 on Jul 26, 11 3:13 PM
I purchaced the game after playing the trial run. It was very nice with a few spots of irritation. I replayed it again and now I am in the maze. Now, I have spent days...not hours of course! I finally overcame some of the agitation/frustration after finding the gears and realized I was moving without moving...just clicking the button. Well, I go to the gazebo to place the gears and i cannot attach them or the the disk. I am still in the maze. This is absolutely ridiculous now. I read a post from someone who said "they wouldn't be buying anymore games, etc. "nobody responded to their inquiries. I wanted to, but sure couldn't help them either! I now agree with them. On the game it mentions putting them on the panel and I see te walkthrough. I know there is a panel or going to the back of it. Is this suppose to take forever? I see the picture but can't get mine to stick. Come on...someone answer please?

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Re:Placing the gears in the maze, Please someone answer?

[Post New]by nwl43 on Jul 27, 11 11:33 AM
I'm kind of confused as to what you're having a problem with. Do you mean your gears won't stay put or do you mean that you can't find the place for them? There are two spots on either side of the dome (gazebo?) one has a ladder and the other has a round area where you place the gears. You must have all 5. You just get them from your inventory and place them.

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