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Anyone else had tech problems with Nikka? - resolved

[Post New]by cat52 on Jan 1, 09 6:21 PM
Met Nikka the graverobber, almost got him but he did a disappearing act (scripted).

Shortly after that, while I was searching another tomb looking for N, my game froze. Not sure if it was the game's fault or my system, but I ended up having to reboot.

Now when I start up from any save position, I get a slew of messages about empty objects and missing "talk" (when I try to talk to anyone) and script errors. This is with or without intervening reboots. I'm thinking uh-oh, I'm going to have to re-download this game...

Am I correct in thinking I need to download again?
Has anyone had a similar problem?
Finally, if I download, am I going to have to restart? ...oh please say no to this one! I've worked hard to get my party up to level 25 and I'm rather attached to them!
Okay, just in case anyone has a like problem - I redownloaded: you do NOT lose your saved games (thank goodness). Had the same problem when using the latest save game, but when I loaded a save game prior to the Nikka encounter, everything worked fine (which was not the case prior to the re-download).

Edited on 01/02/2009 at 2:23:37 PM PST

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