Level 21 first Nepal level - can't pass it!!!

[Post New]by Orchids_00 on Jul 30, 11 1:02 PM

I can't seem to get past level 21 at Namche Bazaar, Nepal. I have tried so many many times, I have got so fast at it that I know who wants what and who's coming next before they even appear. I'm so on top of every order that I have everything ready before they appear and they get it as soon as.

No matter how fast I get, the customers appear at the same time and order at the same time and there are a few moments when I'm actually doing nothing, waiting for someone to appear.

At the beginning of the level I have no money to buy upgrades - I presume this is nomal. At my fastest I can only make $485 when I need to get $530. I need more customers. What can I do to get past this level? Any suggestions?


Re:Level 21 first Nepal level - can't pass it!!!

[Post New]by Kerrserign on Sep 27, 11 5:30 AM
This game is all about stringing the same actions for getting maximum points. Give out as many menus as possible before serving. Then when serving those customers ignore new customers until finish serving those with menus. Then take their money. Then give menus to all new customers. You can also prepare most things in advance if you have any time to spare as you only have dark chocolate, so it is very quick to serve when you see what they want. Hope this helps.

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