Skulls puzzle - HELP!!!

[Post New]by mntthompson on Jul 30, 11 3:07 PM
I have made it to the skulls puzzle and now I'm stuck. I don't want to skip through it but I can't seem to get anywhere with it .Where is the walkthrough? Advice anyone?
Thanks in advance, Tracy


Re:Skulls puzzle - HELP!!!

[Post New]by RavenSky23 on Jul 31, 11 9:45 PM
The walk through is built right into the game, Right next to the "Hint" there is a Strategy Guide". The Skull puzzle is easy though, you just need to click on the big jewel and swap it for another color big jewel that is next to two smaller ones of the same color. I'm stuck further on because I don't have enough ducats to buy the cat. *sigh*

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Re:Skulls puzzle - HELP!!!

[Post New]by mntthompson on Aug 1, 11 2:56 PM
The skull puzzle is farther in the game. There are three different colored skulls that you move across the board without getting hit by rotating blades. Is that the one you are talking about?

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Re:Skulls puzzle - HELP!!!

[Post New]by bren0418 on Aug 28, 11 7:19 PM
Hi i am at the end of the game,but dont have the blue skull, i remember getting it but it seems to have disappeared from my inventory,could someone tell me where to find it again? thanks

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