Replaying in Expert - stuck on 1-6!

[Post New]by BennBe on Jul 31, 11 11:25 AM
I am stuck on 1-6. I go get the pick axe, but no matter how I move I'm trapped--seem to need more than one axe???

Can anyone help?

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Re:Replaying in Expert - stuck on 1-6!

[Post New]by bsdwallen on Aug 1, 11 7:51 PM
You should have 2 axes. Clear around wheel; stand on lt. side of wheel and turn; turn back to normal position. Go dwn lt. side, stand under ball and collect gems with hand; go back get one beside and top of red barrell. Go up lt. side and across top collecting gems and ax. Go down rt. side breaking ball and getting 2nd ax, break ball. Stand under bag collect life across and under bag to get remaining gems. Use hand to get gem under you and exit.


Re:Replaying in Expert - stuck on 1-6!

[Post New]by bouldermad on Oct 15, 14 2:28 AM
Pick all diamonds around bag. Go back between bag and wheel and turn it. Move to the side of the wheel and turn it back to original position.
Move all the way left. Go down and pick diamonds and the one under the barrel but no further. Go back up and work your way all the way right.
Go down and break the boulder with axe. go down and again break boulder.
Go down and one step past barrel. Go up and get life and diamond. Go all the way left and down. Go and first diamond. Using hand pick diamond on right. Do the same to next diamond. go up to pick diamond, move right and your home.

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