How to Restore Health

[Post New]by Sluggy on Aug 1, 11 12:38 PM
How can one restore health in the middle of a mission?

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Re:How to Restore Health

[Post New]by Lainie221 on Aug 8, 12 11:51 PM
Choose the heart icon from among your arsenal of power-ups and make matches of that tile to restore health points while in battle. You can also use barrels (not sure of the English term in the game) to restore points when not in an M3 battle. I was unpleasantly surprised when I ran into reefs and lost points while exploring to avoid the consortium of octopuses (octopodes) waiting for me. I hadn't realized that could happen!

Another option is to quit to the main menu as doing so doesn't appear to save the game. Actually, quitting the level to return to it later works as well.

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