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enlightenus ll : The timeless tower

[Post New]by kath70 on Aug 1, 11 2:12 PM
I Have downloaded the trial version of the game but when i have gone into the mini games to collect the clock pieces a lot of the things are missing from the page aswell as the whole inventory list is blank but when I hover over them & click it tells me what they are but the places in which they have to go are also missing..helpp!!!

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Re:enlightenus ll : The timeless tower

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Aug 1, 11 3:45 PM
Hi kath70!

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm moving this thread over to our Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Forum.

Also, since we already have a thread in this game forum dedicated to technical issues, I'm going to go ahead and lock this one up to keep things tidy, but please feel free to re-post your issues HERE and/or contact Tech Support for further assistance.

I hope this helps!


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