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[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Aug 2, 11 12:05 AM
The Astroslugs want to leave their home planet and conquer the universe. Their only problem; they have no energy to jump start their spacecraft and they turn to you, a slug archeologist to solve the riddle of the ancient slugballs and send them on their way to universal domination. Take on this perplexing Puzzle game and challenge the entire universe!


Seeking a HINT:Astroslugs

[Post New]by jwrosett on Jul 4, 12 4:34 PM
I'm hooked on Astroslugs but totally stumped on "Water At Last" in the 2nd section (desert) and I am desperate for a very minor hint, such as the correct placement of only a single piece - please don't give me anything more as I really want to figure out the rest of this one on my own. Thanks!

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