Mini Robot Wars Level 5-9

[Post New]by sue72955 on Aug 2, 11 1:20 PM
How do I get past level 5-9. I have used every combo I can think of and I have gotten close. but know cigar HA,HA When I got close I was useing every bomb they have plus the barrier bot and the hammer to get rid of the spikes but that didn't leave enough slots for warrior bots so does anyone know what to do.I'm at a lose I really like this game but that big enemy robot is killing me.

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Re:Mini Robot Wars Level 5-9

[Post New]by festclick on Nov 13, 12 10:02 AM
If anyone is still having trouble with this level, my tips for stage 5-7 work here also, see the discussion “HELP PLEASE 5-7”. Missiler and mini-bomb with storm are effective, if you have a fast enough energy economy using fusor, papa fusor, and buoyer. You will probably lose a few units to the moles and perhaps sonar would be a better option than mariner if you have ten slots.

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