Best Nancy Drew Game????

[Post New]by ibjen1980 on Aug 2, 11 5:24 PM
Hi I'm play tons of hidden object/adventure games, but I've never played a Nancy Drew large file game because I can't play a trial I wanted some opinions on which Nancy Drew is the best? I'm looking for one that offers well-rounded experience...good balance of hidden object and adventure, challenging but not impossible, and takes as long as possible to complete- want it to be worth my $$...any suggestions? All would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re:Best Nancy Drew Game????

[Post New]by MZMZone on Aug 11, 11 8:19 PM
Your probably at a good spot. If you never played Nancy Drew then Gost dogs of moon lake is a good starting point. This is a short game but it will give you the feel of the series. figuring out the forest, getting the boat to run, and getting out of jams are what the whole series is about. Unlike some, this has few timed sequences and what there are, are easy.

This is a different ballgame. You don't look for items like the hogs...more like a detective finding clues. You will be asking a lot of questions , calling people, just like a detective. This is what you do.
You will find moveability quite sticky at first until you get a grasp on how it is done. Saving your games at critical times is a must. For example When you first enter the forest, save your game in case you get totally lost. After a couple of games you will know exactly what to do.

Get yourself a walkthrough and have some fun

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