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[Post New]by holofernes on Jan 2, 09 5:30 AM
Am new to this and other games. Am currently stuck right at the beginning, unable to work out how to find the pieces indicated by a jig-saw puzzle piece, so cannot find large metal key, allen key, clock key, money etc. realise I must be doing something idiotic, but just don't know what and there are no hints! Any help appreciated.

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[Post New]by prpldva on Jan 2, 09 5:50 AM
Hi Holofernes- welcome to the forums!

Here are some hints:

NUMBER 8 – dust just above right corner of desk *Note- one soldier is partially hidden here- not a blue item.

UFO- dust just to left of the bottom of the Empire State Building in center

CIA – break white square with hammer on lower left

ALLEN KEY – break flower pot on information desk

LARGE IRON KEY- use allen key to set clock to 6:12 (1812 is 6:12 using a 24 hour or military clock)
A compartment will open just above the information desk. Take the key.

Please check the walkthrough I posted if you need more.


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