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HELP! expert 8-3

[Post New]by bsdwallen on Aug 4, 11 6:33 AM
Just can't figure out how to get the boulders through the fan. I can get one through; but still end up short 3.


Re:HELP! expert 8-3 - answer!

[Post New]by savagep on Oct 16, 13 5:36 PM
Finally did it. Let's see if I can remember...

Collect the axe, then blow up the dynamite.
Go RIGHT and down. Collect the diamond and the heart. Break the rock on the right.
Go directly down to the bottom and go left and clear the diamonds in the center, making sure to leave the one on the far left.
Go up the middle and to the left. Collect the bomb and just enough diamonds so the rock on the left falls from the grass to the right.
Go over it to the left and clear the diamonds. Drop the rock above the dirt to the bottom making sure you hide above the grass.
Drop the bomb onto the rock you just dropped, it will blow up along with the grass.
Collect the rest of the diamonds on the left of the grass. The rock will fall to the left so make sure you are down under the grass.
Push it into the fan. Collect the axe and diamonds on the right, the rock on top of the grass will fall to the right. Put the axes on top of the stones so you can push the rock to the left.
Keep moving the axes in the holes and pushing the right rock to the left into the fan.
Go up and collect the rest of the diamonds and the gate will open at top center.

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