balcony door

[Post New]by millermae4ever on Aug 5, 11 12:39 AM
i always run out of time has anyone a fast way

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Re:balcony door

[Post New]by DutchJames on Aug 5, 11 6:12 AM
It can be a tricky puzzle. There are six parts though that are identical. Each time you figure out which colour a certain part should be, make sure to colour that same part in the five other parts (in the identical spot).


Re:balcony door

[Post New]by Martha38 on Aug 24, 14 11:11 PM
I have spent hours on this puzzle. Just finally completed it and I did have a method.
I would complete the star circle (Red/Purple/Green), then the small blue square with yellow on right/red on left; large green center with red/blue on right and purple/red on left; then the blue centered diamond with yellow/purple on top and green/red on bottom. There are now only 2 blues to fill in left side and bottom row right; 2 green to fill in on bottom and 1 yellow on bottom. I used blue pen, red pen, green and yellow highlighters and drew a criss-cross pattern for purple and drew the shapes on paper to refer to during the puzzle.

I did not have much time left, but it worked and I'm hopeful it may be of help to another Senior Detective who is having difficulty. Good Luck.

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