Forest Level 3

[Post New]by mildaplotkin on Aug 6, 11 8:17 AM
Yes, the third level, how to you get the "Master" time, with the star? Also, I was reading other forums, and what do you all mean by Colonel or General time? Is that later on?

Thanks! I love this game, and I think if I get some tips early on, I might get better.

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Re:Forest Level 3

[Post New]by festclick on Aug 7, 11 2:18 AM
When you start the game you are in Lieutenant mode. That is the top line of the three in the map for a level with your record and time to beat. When you first complete every level, in any time, you gain access to the other lines, which are then labelled with Colonel and General. To complete Forest 3 in Lieutenant, click on the map but not a building. Follow the instructions in the tutorial, so click on both your towers and then double-click the tower, then upgrade it. Now select all your buildings and attack the 20 hut, then quickly do it again and again. When the hut falls, your huge number of troops start to overflow, meaning more in the building than the normal maximum (which is now only 10 since you took it), and if you wait you will start losing one of those troops a second. So don't wait, start moving on those extra troops to attack the blue 40 hut, after a single upgrade, and again keep selecting the overflow hut and all your buildings and attacking the blue 40 hut until it falls. Upgrade once and attack whichever blue building is upgrading so lowest in troops, probably the left 20. You can take it without a fight and then repeat the process (called an infantry rush, incidentally) on the last blue building. Blue will send one attack which one upgrade and your continual march of troops should resist. Immediately continue your rush on the gray 30 hut and similarly catch yellow upgrading and overwhelm him quickly. I managed 1 m 37 s on Lieutenant, and actually faster on Colonel as there is no tutorial so I don't have to waste time with sending troops to the tower and upgrading it. General is tougher. You've learnt about the power of rushing, and about not upgrading to save time, and overflow. On small levels nothing beats a rush, but on larger ones with strategically-placed towers you need to get strategic. Have fun, but beware that when you finish all the levels on Lieutenant, and have tried some on Colonel, that General is a big step up in difficulty. Check back at the forum to learn more.

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