Can't use inventory items

[Post New]by jpultro on Aug 7, 11 6:38 PM
After getting the cat suit and reading the pigeon message, I went up to the roof to try to spray the bees on the flowers, but the sprayer won't work. I also cannot use the binoculars anymore. I can pick them up but when I click on the building to spy...nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem?

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Re:Can't use inventory items

[Post New]by MZMZone on Aug 9, 11 6:26 AM
You usually have two reasons way games get stuck.
1. you missed some step(s) preventing you from moving on
2. corrupted file(s)

You can check out 1 with a walkthrough.
If it is 2 you need to reinstall.
a. Save your game file (hopefully it is not your game file that is corrupted)
C:\NancyDrew(older Games)
C:\Program Files\NancyDrew (newer games)
Xp C:\documents and Settings\username\documents
Vista C:\users\username|documents
b. Uninstall/reinstall

You can run the program first to see if you need to reinstall saved games.

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